PlayStation 4 Pro Review


PlayStation 4 Pro Review

Playstation, not every day there anew console. Well, this, not exactly a new console, kind of like a mid-way sort of new console. the pro, and if you know me I gotta buy anything that has pro in the name cause a professional. This is the PS4 Pro and you probably wondering Why does it have that pro moniker? What special about this thing? It just came out. First thing, and probably most importantly, this is now a4k gaming console. Now, that going to matter to everybody right away because not everybody has a 4k TV or display that they gonna hook this up to, but I love pixels! If I could get more resolution, of course, that what I want and this is the way to do it. Now, the PC people, the PC gamers are out there are likely, excuse me? Yeah, whatever resolution you want with some fat graphics cards true, but a guy like me likes to sit back on the couch sometimes, controller in hand, super relaxed. put the game on mute little NBA 2K17 on mute, with the podcast running on the side. Let’s get inside.

Noticing that the contents of the box are listed over here. Looks like all the cables you going to need are included. Spectacular graphics. If you do have a 4k display, you still might see some minor improvements on a 1080p display, you might get a few more lines of vertical resolution,

PlayStation 4 Pro Review maybe slightly better graphics, a more natural appearance the thing has more horsepower, so theoretically even on a 1080p screen, there’going to be some improvements. Support for faster frame rates as well. This will stream 4k video from Netflix as well as youtube. Unbox Therapy, one of the first shows in the world to be fully 4k.Alright, you can tell excited.

Here we go. the old box inside the box trick. Slides right out…There also some other things that have been improved here for one, got one terabyte drive in it now, one terabyte of storage, and also got extra USB charging capacity. Ooh, look how they did that, that nice little touch, Jack! The symbols from the controller, those are the feet that the system stands on. Some attitude there, that cool. It adds a USB port to the back, so now their third one, two on the front, one in the back. They’re also digital optical audio out. There this auxiliary port here for accessories and then the HDMI out, and I like how the power connector is recessed in here. Two moreUSBs, these are the main ones that people use, the buttons, I like this, I like that they did this.So, I had a number of different PlayStation 4s but what they done here now, is the power switch is over on this side, and the eject switch is over here. tougher to mistake one for the other which happens all the time especially with new people that are using your PlayStation, maybe they XBOXusers, they come over they just slamming those buttons getting got a little bit more horsepower, a little bit larger in size. An HDMI cable, this is a clutch.

You also got a very basic chat headset. It get you started, I recommend something better than this.also the new controller which I have seen this one yet. You can now see the light bar from the front so- essentially the same. They’re also a micro USB cable and that about it. So, the unboxing experience is very similar to the stock PlayStation, but you the one that knows you got a pro. This also is going to enable some improvements for PlayStation VR. Some of those similar enhancements that you might have gotten on a 1080p display will also apply to the PS VR headset. You going to get slightly smoother graphics enabled by the greater horsepower of the pro unit.

Theoretically, you have a better PS VR experience. Smoother graphics and more potential, higher frame rates potentially, almost like a PC-style upgrade where; same platform plays all the same games but can just do so at a slightly more optimal scenario. There a long list of games that will see improvements on the PlayStation 4 pro. So, a quick note about4k resolutions in the PS4 Pro, just make sure that your display or TV supports 4kat 60 Hertz to get the most out of this. Now, most newer televisions do, but something to check up on before you invest in this system and hope to get a beautiful 4ksignal. So there you have it, PS4 pro. Should you buy it? Does it suck? No. I think- I think this is a cool step in the right direction. I think if you on an old model and an old TV, probably a little too much of a step because then you got to get a4k display to really take advantage of it and the system itself, but if you have a PlayStation.


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