Six 6 Different Eye Line Shapes


Six 6 Different Eye Line Shapes

We introduce six various eye line shapes. Many women use their cosmetics and make-up techniques to build confidence in themselves. Regardless of makeup, attitude is the most important, but if makeup is appropriate, you can show the sophistication. Especially, eyes play an important role. Our eyes are revealed through our eyes. 

Not only does the eye reflect emotions, but it also invigorates the natural charm of the face.

To do this, it is important to use proper eye makeup techniques. Keep in mind that EyeLine is not a simple line. Read this article today to learn about the various eye line shapes that can be applied to various situations.

1. Cat Eye

Cat Eye is still getting popular over time. This bold and sensual technique is often used at parties. Draw the eye line with the color of the base, apply the mascara thoroughly, and give the impression with a silver or gold eye shadow .

Be careful about the thickness and length when removing the cat eye line. I do not have a lot of appeal.


  • First, outline with black color and draw the thickness by overlapping the lines similar to the above picture.
  • It then fills the outline of the wing and fills it with black.

2. Color eye line

2. Color eye line

The color eye liner gives a young and fresh impression. If you have big eyes, try the color eye line. You can draw a base eye line in dark color and add a color eye liner on top of it.

Just keep your tail lightly contrasted with Cat Eye.


  • Draw a bass eye line on the eyelash root with a dark-colored liner.
  • Then add a line to the color liner just above the line.

3. Pull-out line

Pull-out line

The pull-out line is similar to Cat’s, but the points here are a bit more mature and prudent. Use a pull-out line in both day and night make-up to complete a deep, mysterious but not too strong eye.

It is a good idea to tone down the mascara and eye shadow for the prudent charm of the pull-out line.


  • Draw an outline of the eye with a thin line. Be careful not to get too sharp and angular.
  • Avoid this design if your eyes are small or almond-shaped. It can give a more blurry and dark impression.

4. Double line

Double line

The double line is a sensual design that fits well at night. 

Each line is drawn on the bottom, but not on the tail of the eye. If you want to give a more elegant impression, let’s fill your eyes with pearl eye shadow.


  • Draw a line on the eyelid to pull the tail up.
  • After drawing the line below, gently rub the soft effect.

5. Thin line

Double line

With this design, elegant and careful look can be completed. It is perfect when you go out to work, to the suburbs, to the sea. To put a look on your eyes, mascara should be applied thoroughly.


  • Apply a soft, bright bass shadow over the eyelids and draw a light black line over it.
  • Just remove your tails and you’re ready.

6. Grease Eye Line

If your eyes are small or almond-shaped, let’s make a sophisticated and radiant make-up with a greasy eye line. It has the effect that eyes are big and round.

Grease Eye Line


  • Under the eyelids are drawn a rich eye line with thickness and tail, and a dark shadow or liner underneath is applied from the tail of the eye to the middle of the eye to gently scrub the face.


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