Top 10 Best Gaming Computers in The World


Top 10 Best Gaming Computers in The World

Welcome finally saved up enough money to get the gaming computer of your dreams, but you find yourself met with a myriad of choices. Take a deep breath and pay attention as we cover the top 10 best gaming computers for your buck.

10 . Alienware Aurora R5

Alienware Aurora R5 A name known even to the least proficient PC gamers, Alien ware delivers a lot of power in a small package with the Aurora R5.Though some may find fault with the interior wiring and its potential effect on the system cooling, an optional liquid cooling system rectifies the mini-system only real fault.

Starting at a modest $799, with more powerful configurations reaching around $1,099, theR5 is an affordable, powerful machine capable of running an 8GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080and Intel Core i7-6700k Quad-Core processor at 4GHz.Even at its price, the R5 is able to tackle games like Grand Theft Auto V at 78 fps on1080P.

09. Digital Storm Bolt 3

Digital Storm Bolt 3 If compact is what your  looking for, the Digital Storm Bolt 3 may not be your first choice, but you l want to keep your eye son it for a powerful, moderately priced gaming power house.

Priced at around $1,600, the Digital Storm rivals similar models with a 250GB SSD, 1TB hard drive, and Intel 4GHz i7-4790K quad-core processor. Overclocked, the processor can top out at 4.8GHz.Picky gamers will enjoy the Nvidia GeForce GTX 980Ti graphics card, though they besacrificing the ability for 4k gaming and expansive memory.

08. Cybertron PC Titanium

Cybertron PC Titanium An awesome name like Cybertron is bound toproduce a product that both powerful and destined to take over the world.Since we still have time before its plan for world domination is set in motion, gamerswill get to take advantage of a rather powerful gaming platform that sports a 4.0GHz quad-coreIntel Core i7-6700K processor and 4 TB hard drive.

Built ready for 4K and VR capabilities, the Titanium comes with a surprising price tagof $1,200.It may not come equipped with wireless connectivity, but that wont stop many gamers from enjoyingthe beauty of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 graphics card.

07. Origin Chronos

Origin Chronos Intel Corei7-5960x octo-core processor, are enough to make the base $1,600 cost well worth it.

The bulky design can be a bit deceptive as there is a surprising lack of internal expansion,but with a 3 TB, 7,200 rpm hard drive expansion may not be an initial concern.Completing this high-powered gaming experience is a Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X graphics.

6. Alienware Area-51

Alienware Area-51 Where the Alienware Aurora R5 faltered, the wonderfully named Area-51 picks up the pieces.With 16GB of RAM and a 4,256 GB hard drive, the Area-51 amps up the memory and tacks on a three-way of Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card.Of course, this does mean you’ll absolutely want to be gaming in 4K to get the most out of your system.

A triangular tower design allows for optimum performance as the system is able to effectively vent itself out without wearing down on fans.The roomy interior also allows for plenty of expansion options, should the Area-51already great inclusions not be enough for your optimized 3D gaming experience.

5. Origin Millennium

Origin Millennium Though the Origin Millennium may come witha near $2,000 price tag, this gaming PC is worth every penny. Equipped with three Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards and an octo-core i7 processor overclocked to 4.5GHz from 3, the Millennium offers an impressive display of gaming beauty.

Even at 4K resolution, this powerful PC refuses to falter, delivering a consistently flawlessexperience even with the more taxing games.A conventional design makes for accessing the interior and expanding the 1 TB SSD or4 TB hard drive a cinch.With great power comes a need for efficient cooling , and the Millennium top-mountedradiator and liquid cooling cuts down on fan runtime.

4. Maingear X-Cube Z170

Maingear X-Cube Z170 The cubed design of the Maingear Z170 mayseem unconventional to start, but once you spend some time with this inexpensive PC,youll come to find that ventilation is increased tenfold, allowing for a pretty seamless gamingexperience.At $900 retail, the X-Cube comes with a surprise set of features like 16GB of RAM, a 4.0 GHzIntel Core i7-6700K processor, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti.

Where the Cubed design falters is with expansion, which is near impossible due to a lack of room. While the cheaper machine is ideal for gamers, it is curiously without wireless or Bluetooth capabilities which are slightly made up for with the extremely fast 400GB SSD.

3. Maingear F131 X99

Maingear F131 X99 Super Stock To assist the pairing of the Eight-Core IntelCore i7 Extreme Edition processor and 2 6GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics cards,the Maingear F131 X99 ups its cooling game to an efficient liquid cooler.That, of course, is only the tip of the iceberg for this impressive gaming desktop, whichis ready and equipped to handle 4k and VR gaming.

Out of the box, the X99 Super Stock can be configured with a 256GB M.2 PCIe-based SSDboot, 16GB RAM, and 4TB hard drive.Expandability suffers slightly as the motherboards 4 DIMM (dual in-line memory modules) slotsare spoken for, but for many gamers there little reason to stretch the X99 beyond itscurrent capacity.Retailing at $1,700, the X99 is the ideal option for gamers that want power.

2. Overclockers Asteroid

Overclockers Asteroid Suffering slightly on the power to upgradeRAM on the far side 16GB, the Overclockers Asteroid desktop makes up for its flaw in a very major means.Developed by tend, a UK-based laptop builder, the Asteroid is a pricey nugget of power,starting at $5,625.The PC features, however, justify the higher cost for gamers looking for 4K gaming and maximum performance in a sleek design.

Complete with bespoke water-cooling to assist with optimal performance, the Asteroid isequipped with an i7-6700k Quad-Core processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti, and a startingRAM of 8GB overclocked to 3866 MHz.When it comes to onerous diversion, Overclockers acclaimed machine may be a fantastic selection.

01 Falcon Northwest Tiki

Falcon Northwest Tiki To have the best, sometimes you have to be ready to drop quite a decent sum of money. The Falcon Northwest Tiki is an ideal example of this, starting at $2,420 with models ranging up to $5,300.The 2015 Falcon boasts 4K support in a bite-sized package, measuring out to just 4″ wide for easy storage.

Complete with an Nvidia Titan X graphics card, 16GB of RAM with an expandable option to 64GB,6 TB of storage, a 400GB SSD boot drive, and Intel Core i7 5960X, this can be a powerful,customizable desktop with only one major downfall – the empty wallet youre left with afterward.


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